Dogfrisbee - KMARCh 2016 - 10th of July, Vienna

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Registration for KMARCh 2016
10th of July, Vienna, Austria

Independent if it's your first tournament that you are playing or if you've already attended a world championship, no matter if your dog is a youngster/grown up/senior, a Chihuahua/French Bulldog/Irish Setter/Greyhound or something within between those sizes, KMARCh has just the right offering for you and your dog to have fun together competing with your KMARCh friends in a fair, fun and comparable manner. This section provides a brief overview on the different leagues, result calculation and costs.
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DivisionsDivisions - where shall I register?
For the 8th edition of KMARCh the league system has been adapted. National KMARCh events as for example KMARCh Austria will host 3 different leagues for every game: Minor League (Novice/Beginners), Major League (Open class/Experts) and Dual League (2 handlers with one dog). So to clarify, Puppy League, Veteran League and Minor League will be aggregated into one competition. All results of these 3 categories will end up in the results of the Minor League. To keep things fair, there is a coefficient of 1.5 (for Puppy League) and 1.25 (for Veteran League) by which all points will get multiplied. Similar rules apply for the Mini League and the Major League which will be hosted as one competition for KMARCh in Austria, here a factor of 1.25 applies for the starters of the Mini League. This is required as for the finals in Italy, all 6 leagues will be played separately, therefore it is important for you to register in the proper league. Please Note: Duo League (two handler one dog) is also eligible for all games of the challenge (not only freestyle)!
Overview of Divisions

Entry FeesEntry Fees and Price Money ;)
Rather than high registration fees and large lovely trophies, the KMARCh offers low registration fees to encourage more teams to participate. The price per game will be EUR 5 for every game and EUR 20 for all 5 games. A overall discount of 10% is applied if you register a second dog and 20% if you play with three dogs. For every game in all three leagues the top3 ranked players will receive a nice paper certificate and a small surprise. For the first 3 players of the overall both in the single handler league (all leagues combined) as in the Duo League a Golden Ticket will be presented. Also the winners of the Freestyle will receive such a Golden Ticket (3 in total). This Golden Ticked will allow the winner to waive the registration fee for the Final. It is a personal gift and does not slide down to the next competitor if one was already received by that same team.

May we kindly ask you to transfer the entry fee in advance to our bank account. Make sure to chose EU standard transfer, then this transaction is free of any bank charges.
Our bank account details:
Name: Hundeschule Breitenlee
IBAN AT15 3200 0000 0282 4647

Better understandingBetter understanding the leagues
To give really everyone the option to play, KMARCh introduces leagues. To get a better understanding how they were meant we'll try to give a brief explanation to help you chose
Puppy League: This league is for pups from 6 months up till 14 months provided the routine is clearly adapted to the age and ability of the dog. In this league we will closely monitor the way you interact with the pups limitations. The goal is having fun and knowing things can drastically wrong and no one will give a long as you like it too. That's why they should only play maximum 2 events on one day and the games have to be adaptable to their own competences. (e.g. rollers)
Mini LeagueThe small dogs with the Big heart! Dogs under 14inch/24 pounds or 35 cm/12kg are competing to take the big trophy. Don't think for a moment that their size is even the slightest prove of their competence.
Minor LeagueMinor not in quality, however in experience maybe a little bit. This league is specially for people who don't have any, or very few experience in competition. Those who like to throw a disc on an occasional free moment will find the challenge pretty challenging but satisfying in fun levels.
Major LeagueMajor as in major fun showing people a good time and having one together with your trained companion. Excellent to try out new stuff or to practice your routine in preparation to an event as a qualifier. Step up to the plate and have a blast!
Veteran LeagueSlow down and let me lead you through a great time. At the age of 7 years or older things don't need to go that fast no more. We are just going to have the good old days, just a little different than we used to do but therefore not less fun.
Duo LeagueDue to certain reasons, this category will have a special place in the challenge as it was loved and cherished by Kathy. This is the league where two people guide their dog through a barrage of discs coming from 4 hands. All possible combinations are ok as long as maximum 8 feet are on the field. Double the fun for you, your partner and your pooch.