Dogfrisbee - KMARCh 2015 - 5th of July, Vienna

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Stations of the KMARCh Series 2015

KMARCh Finals 22+23.August Settimo Rottaro Italy

The KMARCh series visits multiple countries this year. One of the new things this year is that the 4 games that will be played on all the different locations which will generate an overall ranking, have changed to Bottleneck, Caged, Freestyle and Fast & Furious. It is very rewarding to visit the other legs, the more legs you compete in, the higher your ranking will be. All the overall rankings of all events that a competitor participates in, are added to generate the final score. Players can chose to play as many games as they wish but are not required to enter all. You can only play 1 or 2 games if you want to. No obligation there. We encourage hosts and judges to participate in all the games as well.