Dogfrisbee - KMARCh 2015 - 5th of July, Vienna

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About KMARCh and Kathy Miller

Who was Kathy Miller? Well, actually it's not that hard to figure out she was Mike Miller's partner. Together, they have been involved in dogfrisbee from the year 1979 and since she has gone to a better place, Mike continues her lifelong dream of promoting the sport. For decades they have been organizing competitions in all formats, judging, assisting upcoming players, helping foreign players on the Worlds . On top of that, she has played on a high level with their dogs Black Night, Pro, Pristine, Ruckus and his sons RT and Big Boy. All of which are Belgian Shepperds, Malinois, Tervuren as well as a cross between them. Although they might have never been World Champions, we can state they are one of the cornerstones of this marvelous sport. That's why they really deserve to have the Challenge named after them.
The KMARCh story all started in 2008 when Sven and Katrien had the honor and pleasure to meet them and be hosted by them at the Skyhoundz Worlds. They really enjoyed their Pairs routine on the qualifier and were stunned by their performance. After the competition, Mike, Kathy, Sven and Katrien sat outside of their trailer to have a last chat before coming home again. That's when the KMARCh was born.
Back in 2008 Sven held the first edition . An event over 3 days on the same location. It was a lot of fun and a lot of new faces attended. Kathy and Mike followed from accross the ocean. The next edition was already a full grown fun event over 4 days in 4 different countries. Together with the support of the hosting clubs the entire Trophy was a big success. The organizers were very proud to get Mike Miller to judge the 2 final days of the Trophy.
Also after Kathy had to give up the fight against her disease, Mike continued the tradition of taking care of all foreigners competing in the Worlds. No matter your country of origin, no matter the nationality, everyone can count on him for a tent and a filled cooler. Therefore, the Kathy Miller and Ruckus Challenge, is our show of respect for this fantastic couple and their faithful companion.
In conclusion we would like to commemorate Kahty with the email she sent for the First Edition of what became this tradition.

"From Kathy Miller and Ruckus: I just wanted to say a Heart Felt Thank You to all of you attending. I'm most honored that you are all here to take part over these three weekend contests, and very much hope You and Your Pup's have lots of fun, and camaraderie. I'll be following it closely. Good luck to you all....... Kathy, Ruckus and Mike"
In loving memory of Kathy Anita Smith Miller, May 12th 1947 - Jan 3rd 2009

KMARCh Tribute Picture